to Modern Medical Transport Billing

We began as a software company, helping ambulance companies streamline the billing process. Now we're a full-service billing firm with unmatched technology and a perfect record of improving revenue for our clients.

Technology is in our DNA


Ambulance Commander® — the Ultimate EMS Billing Package


Digitech Commences EMS Billing Services for the City of Dallas

We make it our business to collect more, collect faster, and improve revenue for each of our partners.

Digitech's flexible and comprehensive reporting tools put any and all data related to EMS Billing at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Digitech has extensive integration experience with all of the major ePCR systems.

Ambulance Commander® is our proprietary system designed, developed, and tested specifically by and for medical transportation professionals.

Digitech employs the highest standards of fairness, respect, and compassion when collecting from patients.

Technology is in our DNA. We eat, sleep, live, and breathe EMS Billing, and we'll be there for you.

Our medical billing and recovery programs meet all local, state, and federal laws regarding privacy, identity security and collections processes.